Two interesting wedding articles made the rounds on the internet yesterday. The first was written by a bride-to-be bemoaning having to hire a wedding DJ at all and wishing her guests wouldn’t think less of her if she just brought in her iPod instead. Here is the link…

“The Road To The Altar: How Important Is It Have A DJ At Your Wedding- Really?” on

She decries having to “haggle for a decent price” and she even uses the word “egregious” to describe a DJ who quoted her $2,500 for only 6.5 hours of service (which shows her clear misunderstanding of the countless hours a professional wedding DJ will typically invest in pre-planning and preparation for her event)…before settling on a $1,000 DJ (while complaining that said DJ couldn’t provide her with an e-signature contract option).

Her concerns and expressed needs related to securing a DJ were almost entirely focused on music, although she dismissively mentioned MC services when she said she wanted the DJ to also “be something of an MC.”

I’m guessing she thinks an “MC” just makes the basic announcements…but the term actually stands for “Master of Ceremonies.” The real services that should be expected from an MC includes much, much more than just the occasional proclamation that it’s time to cut the cake. A professional Wedding MC will spend time helping the couple plan their agenda of events to create a smooth-flowing celebration. They will work with the couple’s other wedding professionals behind the scenes in advance and at the wedding. And they will also keep their guest informed and emotionally connected to your celebration by serving as your official spokesperson.

Most brides-to-be have never considered the role a real MC and the vast majority would also have no idea how to correctly assess and verify the skills of a prospective MC to ensure they were selecting a highly qualified candidate.

So when a clearly ignorant bride-to-be encourages even more ignorance about choosing wedding entertainment to other future brides-to-be, it can lead to frustration for the real professionals who strive to deliver much more than just music for their couples.

But the 2nd article of the day, shed a new perspective on the true value of great entertainment at a wedding. Here is the link…

“How Consumers Will Pay for Others’ Big Day in 2016” on

The article posted by American Express shared new survey results that show how wedding guests are spending a considerable amount ($700) on average just to attend your wedding day (and millennials spend even more…especially if they are in the wedding party). The average total amount a couple (in the U.S.) spends on their wedding is currently close to $30,000. If you only invited 150 guests and they all spent an average of $700 to attend your wedding, together they will have spent more than 2 times as much as you did. (That’s $105,000!)

So what are you going to do to make it worth their time and effort and, yes, their money?

The dresses, tuxes, flowers and decor will make them say “ooh” and “ahh” for a few minutes. The food will feed their hunger for a few hours. The alcohol will lighten their mood for some (or perhaps all) of the night. And the photographs and video footage will help you remember it for years to come. But what will you and, more importantly (based on how much they are spending), what will your guests remember most about your reception?

Will they remember how smoothly everything flowed and how much laughter was occurring and how touching that memorable moment was when no one had a dry eye in the room and how many of them stayed the whole night and were dancing with you? Will they remember how much FUN they had?

Or…will they remember leaving early because everything dragged on and no one felt like they were a part of your celebration and the dance floor was empty or tepid at best for most of the night…because maybe you thought $2,500 was an outrageous amount to spend to make sure your guests had the time of their lives?

Even if your guests were only spending half of the average amount in the 2nd article ($350 instead of $700)…wouldn’t spending even 10% of what they are spending to attend (150 guests x $350 = $52,500 … 10% = $5,250) be worth it to be sure they walked away saying your reception was the most enjoyable celebration they had ever attended?

Only one wedding professional can make sure your wedding reception is an unforgettably fun celebration. Instead of shopping for the “best deal” on your music, perhaps you might consider looking for the “best value” in a full-service professional Wedding MC & DJ.

If you are looking for tips on how to screen your DJ/MC’s true skills and abilities, pick up a copy of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” in your local bookstore, on Kindle, or on iBooks. And if you are interested in securing a high quality DJ/MC who has already been vetted by a rigorous certification process, look no further than the WED Guild® for a Wedding Entertainment Director®.

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