Don’t Hire a DJ!

Pretty strange advice coming from a professional wedding entertainer, right? Why you might ask?

Reason #4 : Don’t Hire a DJ…

…without asking them how they’ve overcome unexpected challenges at their weddings in the past.

Anyone who tells you that your wedding reception will be “perfect” is promising you something that is truly impossible to deliver. We are all human beings working with and interacting with other human beings…so mistakes are bound to happen. But having a plan in place to prevent and/or recover from unforeseen negative surprises is the mark of a seasoned professional. If the DJ you are interviewing can share a story or two of how something that went wrong was corrected or even turned into a positive experience, you are most likely dealing with an experienced entertainer. A truly professional “director” (that’s what a Master of Ceremonies is by they way) will take the time to write up a preventative checklist of the possible problems that can occur so as to pro-actively keep things moving as smoothly as possible. A less-than-seasoned entertainer will wait until something falls apart, and then re-actively try to clean up the mess afterwards. Ask to see a preventative checklist of the things that are being managed behind the scenes by your prospective Master of Ceremonies. If they say “what checklist?”…RUN AWAY!

Ask me about the wedding I did several years ago where a female wedding guest’s polyester top caught on fire just as we were finishing the cake cutting. I also have 4 detailed pages of preventative direction checklists that you can review in greater detail, if you’d like, when we meet.

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