Don’t Hire a DJ!

Pretty strange advice coming from a professional wedding entertainer, right? Why you might ask?

Reason #3 : Don’t Hire a DJ…

…without first taking the time to meet with them in person (or via Skype video chat if necessary).

Since this person will be the most visible wedding professional at your reception (remember, they have the microphone), it is vital that you meet with the actual person (not just the DJ company owner) to see if your personalities are a good fit. This person will be serving as your official spokesperson in front of your closest friends and family members. If you had to wait to meet your DJ/MC for the first time on your wedding day, wouldn’t you be just a little bit nervous about the things they might say or do that could be embarrassing or inappropriate? When you meet with them, find out about their values and intentions. Are they naturally funny, or do they come off a little socially awkward. Keep in mind their personality will most certainly be amplified on your wedding day. Most importantly, take note on whether they do most of the talking…or do they take the time to really get to know the two of you while letting you expound in detail about your hopes and dreams for your celebration?

Because I only hand-pick about 20 weddings to entertain at each year, I not only want my clients to get to know me…but it is a requirement that I get a chance to get to know them as well. I do my best work for couples who know me and trust me to help them create a truly memorable celebration. But I am only able to make it uniquely memorable by getting to know them on a very personal level as well.

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