Don’t Hire a DJ!

Pretty strange advice coming from a professional wedding entertainer, right? Why you might ask?

Reason #2 : Don’t Hire a DJ…

…without asking them about the advanced performance training they have taken in the last 5 years.

Good DJs play music. Good MCs make announcements. Great DJs and Great MCs never stop learning how to do those things better and with more skill and polish. If the DJ says their “training” is from their years of experience DJing dozens (or even hundreds) of weddings…keep in mind that doing the same things the same way for years really only makes one experienced at doing the same old kind of wedding hundreds of times. If you want your wedding to be a creatively unique, one-of-a-kind experience, then insist on finding out what the DJ/MC is learning and/or doing to keep their services fresh and on the cutting edge. There are several different kinds of DJ and MC specific training workshops available. But someone who has also invested in other kinds of performing arts training (i.e. acting, singing, dancing, musical theatre, public speaking, improv, stand-up comedy, radio, television, etc.) will probably deliver a more confident performance as an entertainer.

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You can read up on my extensive performance training on my web site. I’d also be happy to discuss my advanced training with you in even greater detail, if you’d like, when we meet.

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