Don’t Hire a DJ!

Pretty strange advice coming from a professional wedding entertainer, right? Why you might ask?

Reason #1 : Don’t Hire a DJ…

…without asking to see video footage of them in action as a Master of Ceremonies at a Wedding Reception.

Anyone can you show you high quality fun footage of wedding guests dancing at a wedding…but where is the footage of the MC speaking on the microphone? Do they speak like a normal person or use their “Monster Truck Show” voice? Do they begin and end their sentences with the phrase “Ladies & Gentlemen” while throwing one more in the middle of the sentence just for good measure? How will you know unless you insist on seeing video footage? Pay close attention to what they say and, more importantly, HOW they say it. Are they using the Bride & Groom’s first names or just calling them the “Bride & Groom” with every announcement? Are the guests paying attention? Does the MC appear capable of confidently commanding attention without being demeaning or obnoxious? Are they likeable or do they come across as disconnected and insincere?

So to recap…

  1. Are they using their normal speaking voice instead of using their fake announcer voice?
  2. Are they using repetitive phrases like “Ladies & Gentlemen” or “Big Round of Applause” too much?
  3. Are they referring to the Bride & Groom personally by their first names, or are they just calling them the “Bride & Groom” or the “Happy Couple” on the microphone?
  4. Can they effectively command the attention of the room, or are the guests talking over their announcements?
  5. Do they come across as likable and engaging, or do they sound insincere and disconnected?

None of your other wedding professionals will be as visible and involved with your guests as the person you select to serve as your Master of Ceremonies. These 5 questions should help you identify a good DJ who will most likely also be a great MC.

In the meantime, here is some fun footage of me in action as a Wedding MC.

I’ll be more than happy to share even more footage with you, if you’d like, when we meet.

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